Melinda Sweet

First Impressions

I love Melinda´s name, I love her look, and I love that they actually created a graphic featuring cherries, the fruit, and dropped it all over the site. Melinda Sweet just turned 19 years old, and she looks every bit her age. That’s helped by her incredibly wispy frame; she can’t weigh more than 90 lbs. Her tits are tiny, an A- cup if they have such a thing. To go with that she has a slim waist and a cute little ass. She’s also very pretty, which is always nice.

Hot Promises

Melinda Sweet might only be 19, but she left her innocence behind long ago. She’s not content to simply strip or pose nude for. Melinda Sweet loves to have sex and she figures that you shouldn’t be deprived of enjoying her sex life as much as she does, so you get to see it all on film. Her videos section is filled with hardcore sex scenes and she uses her picture section to give you the typical teen pose and strip routine.


Upon entering the member’s area you’ll see pictures and descriptions from the two latest video and picture updates. The only thing that’s missing is any dates on the content; without them it’s impossible to know how often site is updated, or if it’s updated at all. It’s worth noting that one of the latest videos added was a Halloween themed clip, so it’s fair to assume that updates aren’t made with any frequency.

There are two major sections of content within Melinda Sweet. The first I visited was the pictures page. Melinda Sweet currently has 48 galleries, each with anywhere between 40-110 images. Once again, nothing is dated so it’s impossible to know how often the galleries are updated. Melinda Sweet’s a hardcore girl, but she reserves the boy/girl stuff for her video clips; in the picture galleries you’ll find hot solo sets and lesbian hookups.

The solo sets begin with Melinda Sweet dressed in a cute outfit and typically end with her shoving a dildo or her fingers deep into her pussy. Many of them are shot outdoors, which is a nice touch. The lesbian sets, of which there are 10-15, are usually pretty tame. There’s a little bit of kissing, they play with each other’s tits a little, and then that’s pretty much it. I was a little surprised that there wasn’t a little more action shown, especially considering how hardcore the videos are.

Speaking of the videos, there are 9 in total, running 15-25 minutes long. Melinda Sweet pulls no punches when it comes to appearing in filmed content. Of the 9 four are hardcore girl/guy scenes (two of which are threesomes), three are lesbian hookups, and two are solo scenes. As I said, there’s nothing shy or tame about these scenes. Melinda Sweet even takes it up the ass in one of the hardcore scenes. There’s an amazing cumswapping scene, a lot of pussy eating, and plenty of delicious dildo fucking as well. The only trouble is that there’s not enough of them; 12 won’t last you more than a few weeks if you’re a frequent consumer of video.

Melinda Sweet offers you a few opportunities to get to know the start a little better. You can read a short biography in the About Me section that details how she got into the modeling business and a few other bits of info about her life. There’s also a diary, although it has only 10 entries and hasn’t been updated since August of 2005. She only made entries for two months, so I get the feeling she wasn’t all that committed to it in the first place. Other areas of the site include a Friends section that’s just a long list of advertisements, ads for paid cam shows, and a DVD store.

Given the relative lack of content on Melinda Sweet it’s important to note the huge amount of bonus content that comes with your membership. There are 45 other sites that you can access free of charge, including a number of solo teen mode sites just like Melinda Sweet’s. Across all sites there are a total of 6,500 videos to be downloaded in a multitude of genres. They even have a network hub that organizes each video by category in case you want to boil it right down to the content.

The videos were my favorite part of Melinda Sweet’s site, and I wanted to mention a few that you should check out if you choose to join. The first features Melinda Sweet and Eryc having anal sex. It’s amazing that such a petite girl can take such a large cock in her asshole, but Melinda Sweet is easily able to envelope his entire schlong in her rear end. My second favorite video features Melinda Sweet, Melissa Doll, and a guy having a threesome. The girls suck and fuck him until he drops a huge load, which they swap back and forth.

Croco’s Opinion

Melinda Sweet’s an innocent looking teen babe who turns that image upside down when she spreads her legs and allows her pussy to be pounded by any number of guys in her member’s area. She also offers sexy solo picture galleries if you’re looking for tamer content. The only trouble with the site is the lack of a large content archive and any updates whatsoever. Still, this complaint is negated by the wealth of bonus sites offered to you.


Browsing the site is quite simple. A text nav bar rests at the top of every page and guides you to each section of the site. The picture galleries are organized six to a page and each comes with a description and sample thumbnails. The video galleries are just as easy to browse through.

Pricing Policy

You can subscribe to a 3 day trial for $2.95, which then renews at $29.95 a month. You can also subscribe outright for 30 days at the $29.95 a month price, or subscribe for 90 days at a bargain price of $59.95. Payments are taken by credit card or check.

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